Cloverfields Cattery

Our cattery has 18 pens most of which can house families of cats.

The cattery is well-insulated and provides a warm, cosy and quiet environment for the cats, set apart from the dog boarding kennels. There is a double wire mesh door on the cattery for security as well as mesh guards at the windows.

The pens have two tiers with sleeping accommodation for the cats at the top. Downstairs is a litter tray and perhaps a scratching post if you wish to bring one along.

The cattery is heated by the same overhead heat lamps we use in the kennels or by Petnaps. We have just invested in these heat pads with soft fleece covers which the cats have given a big thumbs up to!

Again, we can administer medication and injections on your vet’s instructions and if your cat is a picky eater, we can offer them their own food. We stock a wide variety of cat food both tinned and sachets or you can supply your own food for a small discount.

Our staff check on the cats regularly throughout the day and the litter trays are emptied every couple of hours. You can rest assured that your feline friend will receive the loving care and attention it needs whilst you are away.