Cloverfields Kennels

We have 27 boarding kennels of varying size to accommodate every combination for size of dog and number of dogs. In addition, our Field View block is designed for very large dogs and families of dogs as they have large access doors big enough for even a Mastiff to walk through.

At Cloverfields, our kennel runs are very large so your dog has free access to its own generous exercise space. The dogs can see their neighbours in most of our boarding kennels (but cannot reach them) which keeps them occupied and alert and provides company without any danger of fighting.

We like to make sure your dog is warm and comfortable during his or her stay with us. The boarding kennels are heated by individual heat lamps suspended over the bed which is more effective and cosy for the dog than heating the whole kennel.

We provide everything your dog will need to make his or her stay with us pleasant and comfortable: vet bedding, drinking and feeding bowls, toys etc but if your pet has a favourite blanket or toy you may want to bring that along.

We stock most of the popular complete dry dog foods as well as tinned brands like Chappie, Pedigree Chum, Bakers etc. Should your dog have a special diet, we do encourage owners to keep to the same diet and regime as at home and so offer a discount if you wish to supply your own dog food. We can feed once, twice or three times a day to suit the individual.

The boarding kennels are lined with fibre glass and have resin floors to ensure high standards of hygiene and ease of cleaning. Two kennel blocks have recently been refurbished with extra insulation and double-glazed windows with a covered run area especially for miniature breeds and aged dogs.

We check on the dogs continually throughout the daylight hours with a final check at 10pm. The dogs have free outside access from about 7:30am to dusk when they are closed up safe and sound for the night.

We walk the dogs in the morning and late afternoon with an extra member of staff coming in to assist at peak times.

We do accept pets who are experiencing current health problems and can issue medication prescribed by the vet. If your dog is receiving ongoing veterinary treatment, we can even arrange to take your pet for a return appointment whilst you are away.